80s Inspired Fashion Shoot with Tori Radday

I have been traveling a lot... I mean a lot. Between Michigan, Richmond, vacation, and all work trips I have barely spent more than 10 days in one spot.  Between weddings and engagement shoots I have barely have had time to do some fashion blogger/content creating shoots. Not to mention that this constant travel has caused me to be a under the weather. Oh yeah, and I'm moving. What a fun time!

Thankfully I mustarded up the strength to go out and shoot with Tori Radday on Sunday. I fly back to Michigan on Wednesday so I wanted to make sure to shoot with her before I leave. I had her meet me at the new place off of Cary. We shot two different outfits around Carytown.

Below are photos of her second outfit. 


From Laptop to Desktop

I recently bought a new computer because my laptop is slowly approaching death. I'm not sure if it will die or launch up to space (via the loud, horrible fan) first, but either way I needed another computer. My Macbook was so convenient for editing. I could sit in my bed until the wee hours of the morning editing, but I needed a bigger screen. I decided to go for the 21 inch, Mac mini desktop. It is solid investment and I will use it for years to come, but I wasn't ready for the lifestyle change from laptop to desktop. I miss being able to edit in bed with coffee or waking up in the middle of the night with my laptop on my chest. It doesn't help that I have alternated between two shitty chairs. Let me describe them to you:

Chair 1: I think this chair was purchased when I was in high school. Ten or so years ago. Every time I move the mouse or my heart beats, the chair creeks. Not a small whisper, but more of the sound a crotchety old man would make if you woke him from a nap. From some reason it is uncomfortably low. I probably could fix this but it never works. It's navy blue pattern is covered clothes I decided not to hang up, but I did't want to throw on the ground. Besides the squeals and the awkward level, it rolls. I have hardwood floors and no mat. As soon as I get comfortable, it rolls out of place. I think just to spite me.

Chair 2: This chair is from an old kitchen table set we had when I was growing up. I'm sure about 60% off the population has a very similar chair somewhere around their house or in their garage sale. It has a light wooden seat, white legs, and a rounded back with spindles going down. The wooden seat came with a pre-lined butt print. I'm not sure if this is supposed to increase the comfort level or strictly for fashion sake, but either way, it's not working. When one first sits down it is thought that the white spindles almost massage one's back, but then you will soon realize they just fucking hurt. My should blades never line up probably and end up being pushed in by the second spindle from the right.  Overall, a better option.

Although I love my new desktop and it's screen for editing, I'm still getting used to the lifestyle changes that come from transitioning from a laptop user to a desktop user. I think the first thing anyone should do if considering this transition is to buy a very comfortable chair. Spend some money on that thing. I spend 8 or 9 hours in a row just editing and I cannot stress the importance. Also, but a lot of coffee because you can't do this shit while laying down. You have to be awake and sitting up. 


iPhone image of my workspace:


Time to Take Pictures

I love the challenge of working with someone new. Especially someone who has never really participated in a photoshoot. There are always insecurities and uncomfortable moments. I love this because I watch them become more comfortable throughout the shoot. I do not know if it's me being goofy the whole time, or them getting used to a camera shoved in their face, but something happens. 

A few days ago I worked with Joy, who has never really had a photo shoot before. She is obviously beautiful and has a cute sense of style. It was raining and the mosquitos were destroying our legs, but we had a successful shoot. As the shoot went continued through the night she became more natural in front of the camera which translated in my images. I foresee many more shoots with her.