Jon and Kristin's Wedding

June 6, 2015

First I want to state that I thought I would never do weddings. In fact, I never wanted to do weddings. I took engagement photos for the couple and they asked me, repeatedly, to do their wedding. Finally I broke down and said yes. I am beyond thankful that I did.

After a full week of gloomy days, Saturday was the perfect day for a wedding. I brought along my Jennifer Boris as my second shooter. The Grosse Ile Presbyterian Church on Horsemill Road set the background for Jon and Kristin's ceremony. The church had a very clean look to it with plenty of natural light shining through the tall windows. After being told that it was against church policy to have me take any photos within the church post-walking-down-the-aisle, Jennifer and I had to come up with some creative ways to get shots. 

After family photos in the church, we headed over to a house on Grosse Ile near the lighthouse. The bride and groom originally wanted photos in front of the lighthouse, but I had to inform them that the light/shadows would look better if we faced the houses. There was also a small boat that was an eyesore in the background. Once the bridal party turned around the shots were natural with the beautiful houses in the background. 

The reception took place at the Chateau on the River in Trenton. I was extremely impressed with how the venue looked and the great outdoor space that was provided. I worked 16 hours and spent another 20 or so editing. I already have another wedding booked and I hope more will follow.