Detroit Institute of the Arts Engagement Session - Slavica and Cedo

When I was back in Detroit for the holidays, my friend Slavica messaged me and asked me to take her engagement photos. I have known Slavica for a very long time. Hell, I've even been in Macedonia with her family. I remember her dad told me I could pick a guy... two guys if I wanted. She comes from such an amazing family and I was honored to take her engagement photos. Cedo has such a great sense of humor and is such a gentleman. I couldn't have picked a better match for Slav!

I have always wanted to photograph a couple in front of the DIA. When Slavica messaged me I immediately thought that this is the perfect chance. Slavica has a very classic style and I thought the iron gates and marble walls of the DIA would be such a good fit. Boy was I right! 

Huge thank you again to Slavica and Cedo for picking me as your engagement photographer. This couple decided they wanted to do a spring/summer shoot too, so we'll be seeing more of them in 2017!