Rachel Dwyer


My name is Rachel Dwyer and I am a professional photographer with a knack for color and lighting. I have been a professional photographer for about 5 years now. I am frequently found in somewhere around Detroit, Michigan or in Richmond, Virginia. 

My passion for photography started at a very young age. I remember my dad always buying me Kodak disposable cameras for our family vacations. I loved being able to capture my own memories and hold them in my hand after. Later in life he bought me a small point and shoot camera and I began to take photos more freely. Once in college I saved up for my first DSLR and now, seven years after that I am still shooting. 

I took a 35mm class in college, but other than that I am completely self taught. I frequently seek learning opportunities as much as possible, but still find trial and error quite a learning experience. I love playing with color and light to create a very unique image. 

I am accepting inquires for editorial, content creation, engagement, and other opportunities at this time. 


Contact Information

Email: rrracheldwyer@gmail.com

Instagram: @rrracheldwyer